Series : The Return of the Demon Delíntra by Adrian Sweeney

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The Prophecy Of Light

Book 2 in the series by Adrian Sweeney

With Part two of the story Mal wakes in the elven city, Safe for a moment Mal becomes friends with Prince Salistar but with assassins tracking there every move, The group must keep the Prince alive and get him home to the palace where he will be safe. Follow Mal and the party as they find out that Mal is also a target. When safely back in the city surrounded by guards they are lulled into a sense of security thinking that assassins can not reach into the heart of the palace. Fates are changed and loyalties are founded in this fast paced continuation of the story.


      1. The Elves
      2. The Capital Rejoined
      3. Hunting the prophecy
      4. The Island of Seldar
      5. The Queen's fate
      6. The Black Guard
      7. The Black Guard marches
      8. The road to Darseholt
      9. The Trap
      10. The Dwarves
      11. Darseholt
      12. King of the Dwarves