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Assassin - Brother hood Guildmaster

Brother Hood Assassin

The Brother Hood of Assassins GuildMater is a highly trained assassin who runs a chapter house. All Assassins in an area are 100% loyal to the Guildmaster who has trained in all weapons and teaches his skills to other Assassins. A chapter house could contain between 1 and 14 Assassins. At the same time, a headquarters could contain up to 50.

All Assassins have a tattoo of a black flower on the back of their wrists.

Item Value
Life Force 120
Fatigue Points 220
Fear Factor 15%
Poison Level 70%
Movement 55


Stat Value
Strength: 80%
Agility 90%
Stamina 80%
Intelligence 90%
Wisdom 90%
Appearance 50%
Magic Resist 75%
Cool 90%
Experience 50
Initiative 45

Special Skills

### Weapons

Attacks: Hit % Pen Dam
Any Weapon 85% Special Special
Blow Gun 100% 7 1d2 + 1d8 per round
Posion Dart 100% 7 1d6 + 1d12 per round

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