Caplo City Docks

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The city docks of Caplo, are a bustling hub of maritime activity. Divided into two distinct areas, the Royal Docks and the City Docks, they serve as vital gateways for trade, commerce, and travel.

Royal Docks

The Royal Docks, an area of prestige and authority, are heavily guarded by the elite soldiers of the royal guard. Their presence ensures the security and protection of the kingdom’s most prized assets. Access to the Royal Docks is granted through the grand entrance of the palace keep, an imposing structure that stands as a symbol of power and sovereignty. The docks within this section are reserved for the arrival and departure of the nobility, high-ranking officials, and dignitaries from neighbouring realms. Majestic ships, adorned with regal banners and opulent decorations, dock here, creating a scene of grandeur and splendour.

City Docks

In contrast to the Royal Docks, the City Docks cater to the everyday needs of the bustling city of Caplo. Here, the city guard takes charge, diligently patrolling the area to maintain order and ensure the safety of both the merchants and the local populace. The entrance to the City Docks leads through the warehouse and merchant district, where a multitude of goods are stored and traded. The docks teem with activity as merchant vessels from distant lands unload their cargo, while local fishermen bring in their daily hauls of fresh seafood. The air is filled with the lively sounds of haggling, laughter, and the clatter of goods being loaded and unloaded.

Both the Royal Docks and the City Docks are crucial lifelines for Caplo, connecting the kingdom to the vast world beyond its borders. The docks serve as a vibrant hub of cultural exchange, where diverse people and goods from far-off lands converge, creating a rich tapestry of sights, sounds, and flavours. Whether it’s the grandeur of the Royal Docks or the bustling energy of the City Docks, visitors to Caplo’s docks are sure to be captivated by the vibrant atmosphere and the promise of new adventures just beyond the horizon.


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