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Gods of Primoria

Marclo (Neutral)

Lord of the gods. Marclo is known as ‘The Great Watcher’. He takes no direct part in mortal affairs. He uses the other deities to do so. Marclo is the judge of the immortals, and does not take sides. Marclo is truly neutral.

Della (Neutral)

Della is the god of attack. As attack can come from all sides, negative or positive, Della is neutral. Della helps priests who believe in attack as the best form of defence.

Dekin (Neutral)

Dekin is the god of mind power. As the mind can be used for both positive and negative things Dekin is neutral. Dekin helps priests who use their minds as a source of their power.

Lourey (Positive)

Lourey is the god of nature. Lourey helps priests who believe that natural forces and phenomenon can help them rather than anything else.

Hasder (Positive)

Hasder is the god of healing. Healing is used to help others. Hasder helps priests who heal others.

Nijky (Positive)

Nijky is the god of protection. Nijky helps those who believe in defence only. For followers of Nijky unprovoked attack is forbidden.

Zemdon (Negative)

Zemdon is the god of Demons. Zemdon helps those who use their power to control and use these entities.

Kilder (Negative)

Kilder is the god of suffering. Kilder helps those who gain pleasure from the suffering of others.

Jarat (Negative)

Jarat is the god of the dead. Jarat helps those who like to use death to help themselves. Jarat opposes healing as this ‘robs’ death of victims.

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