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A one cubic metre area of flame will do 4 points of LF damage for every round the player is in continual contact with it. Therefore a ten cubic metre area of flame will do 40 points of LF damage per round of continual contact. There is also a chance of the person igniting; depending on their clothing (e.g. Dragon Scale Armour or wet clothes lessens the chance of ignition). The base chance for ignition is 50% but any modifiers are entirely up to the Guide’s discretion. The damage from ignition is half the damage of the fire itself. Therefore a ten cubic metre fire would do 20 points of ignition damage per round. Once clear of the blaze the flames on the ignited person will burn themselves out in 10 rounds. You can put the fire out by yourself in 6 rounds or if aided in 3 rounds. Use of wet blankets, submersion in water, etc can drastically reduce extinguishing time, the Guide should take this into consideration.


To prevent drowning the player must roll their swimming skill or if they don’t have swimming their Agility ( AGI ) at a -50 penalty to stay afloat. The amount of weight they are carrying can drastically affect this, i.e. if they are wearing full plate mail they’ll sink like a brick! The Guide should decide the difficulty accordingly. For example, if the PC is wearing Plate Mail the AGI penalty would be higher or the swimming roll would have a stiff penalty. If the player fails one of the above rolls they begin to drown, and their Stamina ( STA ) is reduced by 10 points. Next round the player must re-roll again their swimming / AGI with the same modifiers. Success results in the player either swimming or staying afloat. A failure results in another 10-point reduction in stamina (cumulative). Example: If Joe has a Stamina of 70 and failed three swim rolls or agility rolls his stamina level would be reduced to 40. Also, remember any Life Force damage acts as a penalty to the rolls. Once the character’s stamina is reduced to zero the character loses consciousness and sinks. After this, the character loses 10 Life Force points every round. Once their LF is reduced to zero the character is dead. While unconscious the player can do nothing and their only hope is a rescue. If the character is saved they regain the lost stamina and LF at a rate of 5 points each per ten minutes until they reach the level they were at before they started drowning. Note if a character already had damage due to say combat then that damage will still be there and can only be helped via healing or natural regeneration.


A character can carry out a controlled fall of 5 metres without any damage. To carry out a controlled fall the player must roll the character’s agility (with –20 penalty) or acrobatics skill. A failed roll for 5 metres or less results in 1d10/2 LF damage (rounds up). For every metre above the first 5 metres the character receives an additional 2 points of damage per metre of their fall. Example: if Joe fell 15 metres the damage roll would be 1d10/2 (first 5 metres) + 20 (10 metres at 2 points per metre).


To resist the effects of a poison the player must subtract the Poison Value (PV) from the character’s stamina. The remaining number is the percentile chance of saving from the poison’s effects. The player must roll equal to or under this number to save. Example: A snake bites Abdullah. The snake’s poison value is 20, and Abdullah’s stamina is 80 therefore Abdullah must roll 60% or less to save from the venom’s effects. A failure results in the poison taking effect, (whatever that may be). If however the snake that bit Abdullah had a PV of 100 then this would have left Abdullah with a target of -20%. Abdullah can only save on a critical success that is a roll of 01-05%. Therefore even if a poison gives you a minus you can permanently save on a critical success.


This is optional and is totally up to the Guide’s discretion, but if a character is starving all physical tasks will receive a heavy penalty and fatigue costs will double.

Main statistics such as Strength (STR), Stamina (STA), Agility (AGI) and Appeal (APL) will gradually fall also. Hit Points too will gradually reduce. Once the character’s Life Force points have reached zero the player has starved to death. If the character’s stamina is reduced to zero the character is bedridden until they can recover. They will recover 5 points in each effected statistic per day until they recover to their base values.

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