Complete list of books written about the world of Primoria.

The Angelus

Book 3 of The Return of the Demon Delíntra
by Adrian Sweeney

In part three Mal is separated from all of her friends and the members of the Black Guard, Studying with the Oracle she now understanding her magic better Mal must travel across the world to find the one thing that will help defeat the demon, time is running out and Mal has a long way to go, If Prince Salistar or the Black Guard find out they will want to accompany her, but the prophecy states that if any member of the Black Guard goes with her she will fail.

“The oracle watched Mal stand up, ready to head back to her room and pack for her journey, ‘Remember the Black watch must not know what you are up to; without the Black Watch to guard him, the Prince will surely die, and if he or you die, then it is all for nought'"

The Prophecy Of Light

Book 2 of The Return of the Demon Delíntra
by Adrian Sweeney

With Part two of the story Mal wakes in the elven city, Safe for a moment Mal becomes friends with Prince Salistar but with assassins tracking there every move, The group must keep the Prince alive and get him home to the palace where he will be safe. Follow Mal and the party as they find out that Mal is also a target.

When safely back in the city surrounded by guards they are lulled into a sense of security thinking that assassins can not reach into the heart of the palace. Fates are changed and loyalties are founded in this fast paced continuation of the story.

The God Touched

Book 1 of The Return of the Demon Delíntra
by Adrian Sweeney

Lord Turok visits the mountain villages looking for recruits for the King's rangers. After an attack on their village by goblins, A group of potential recruits offer to lead Lord Toruk out of the mountains and to safely of the city of Bearon. So that the King can be informed of the goblin horde threatening his kingdom.