Identify object

Created 21 Dec 2023, Published 21 Dec 2023, Last modified 28 Dec 2023 23:22


The “Identify Object” spell is a magical incantation that allows the caster to gain information and knowledge about an object. When the spell is cast, it enhances the caster’s perception and understanding, enabling them to discern the true nature, properties, and history of the object in question.

The spell can provide valuable insights such as the object’s name, purpose, origins, and any magical or enchanting qualities it possesses. It can also reveal information about the object’s past owners or significant events it has been involved in. This spell is particularly useful when encountering mysterious or unfamiliar artifacts, as it allows the caster to unravel their secrets and make informed decisions about their use or handling.

To cast the “Identify Object” spell, the caster typically needs to focus their energy and concentration on the object while reciting the incantation. The spell’s effectiveness may vary depending on the caster’s skill and magical abilities, as well as the complexity and level of enchantment on the object being identified.

Area of Effect

A single item.


Air -
Earth -
Fire -
Spirit 90
Water -


Cost 22 fp
Difficulty -40
Duration Instant

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