Infuse Lesser Elemental

Created 12 Jul 2023, Published 12 Jul 2023, Last modified 28 Dec 2023 23:22

Element Percentage
Fire 30
Earth 30
Water 30
Air 30
Spirit 30

Spell Details

Description Detail
Cost 8
Duration Instantaneous
Area effected
Resistibility None
Difficulty -10
Casting Time Instantaneous
Range None


Lesser elemental can be infused into almost any item although gems are he best. At a cost of 13 plus the cost of the spell you want to cast. More than one spell can be cast. When you are infusing the elemental into the item you must also cast the spell that you wish the elemental to cast upon activation. You also have to tell the elemental the activation signal that will be used. A Lesser Elemental can only cast spells of 10% and lower of their element. So if the spell that is required to be cast requires two or more elements to cast it. You must put a elemental spirit of each type into the gem at the same time -5% to casting for each type and +5 Pts. to the cost per Elemental to be added and +5 Pts. for each spell.

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