Mini Missile Enhancement

Created 11 Jul 2023, Published 11 Jul 2023, Last modified 28 Dec 2023 23:22


The caster is able to propel small pebbles. Each pebble has a damage of Pen 2 Dam 2 AD 2 with one pebble every other level of character. So a level 3 caster can throw 2 pebbles at a target. Splitting the targets will inflict a difficulty of 5 points per target. The range in which the pebble can be thrown is 3 yards per level of the caster. The caster does not need to roll to hit the creature as the spell tracks the victim.

Victims can attempt to dodge but must have a location they can dodge to. For example through a door so that the missiles can not follow. A successful dodge but the difficulty is the caster power score x 2

I.e. one at level 1, two at level 3, 3 at level 5… 10 at level 19.

Area of Effect


Air -
Earth 10
Fire -
Spirit -
Water -


Cost 2 fp
Difficulty -
Duration Instant
Range 3 yards per level of the caster

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