Half Elves

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Half-Elves are the offspring of a true elf and a human. A Half-Elf adopts some of the characteristics of both their parents. Initially, they appear human but on closer inspection, their features are more refined and they have slightly pointed ears. The type of Elf parent the Half-Elf had will also affect their appearance, these are as follows:

  • High Elf Parent: Half-Elf will have fair/blonde hair.
  • Wood Elf Parent: Half-Elf will have brown or dark hair.
  • Dark Elf Parent: Half-Elf will have dark hair, swarthy skin and reddish irises.

A Half-Elf is medium in size, more elegant than a human and slightly less slim than an Elf. Half-Elves measure between 1.8 and 2 Metres in height. Half-Elves have an Infravision of 5 metres in total darkness. Half-Elves can be found in both Elven cities and human cities. Half-Elves make excellent scouts and trackers, gaining much of this ability from their Elven heritage. They also make excellent warriors and are very adept magi.


Statistic Value
AGI Min 70
STR Min 50

Natural Abilities

Forest Lore 5% (+5% Each Level) Sense Ambush 5% (+5% Each Level) (Passive Ability) Quiet Traveller 5% (+5% Each Level) (Passive Skill) 5 metre Infravision (Total Darkness) Languages: Common, Elven (At Wisdom Level) Race Size: Medium (M) Movement Rate 8

Natural Skills

Skill Base
Identify Traps 10%
Missile Weapons 5%
Tracking 15%
Observation 10%
Listening 10%

Forest Lore: This is the Half-Elves’ natural affinity with their forest home. Sense Ambush: This is the Half-Elves’ sixth sense for danger. Quiet Traveller: This allows a Half-Elf to travel stealthily overland at normal speed rather than moving slowly.

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