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Halflings are small humanoids that are 90 to 120 Cms tall. Halflings tend to be jolly fellows, and enjoy singing, dancing, telling and hearing stories and the comforts of life. Most Halfling will be dressed in bright colours, as the Halfling nature is one of admiring beauty in whatever form. Halflings are very social creatures; therefore etiquette is extremely important to them, especially in their highly complex social structure. Halflings believe in small-talk first, then, only afterwards, shall they get down to business proper. Halflings make excellent Bards and traders, mainly due to their level of etiquette and social graces. They can be adept thieves; their love for shining objects proves too great a temptation for many of them. Halflings enjoy the adventuring lifestyle, through it they can become rich and famous, and at the end there’s always the making of good tale or song.


Statistic Value
AGI Min 70
STR Max 50

Natural Abilities

  • Social Adept +10% reaction modifier
  • Shadow Shroud 5% (+5% Each Level) (Passive Skill)
  • Crowd Meld 5% (+5% Each Level) (Passive Skill)
  • Languages: Common, Halfling (At Wisdom Level)
  • Race Size: Small (S) Movement Rate: 6

Natural Skills

Skill Base
Appraise Object 5%
Bargaining 5%
Etiquette 10%
Hide 5%
Streetwise 5%
Observation 10%
Listening 10%
  • Social Adept: This is the Halflings natural flair in dealing with people and their apparent unthreatening appearance.
  • Shadow Shroud: This is the Halflings natural ability to use shadows to conceal oneself, due to their small size.
  • Crowd Meld: This is the Halflings ability to meld into a crowd seamlessly. However, if the Halfling has already been spotted this passive skill won’t work. * The skill will also fail to work if the Halfling is being magically tracked, tracked by smell or has been magically tagged.

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