Created 19 Jun 2023, Published 19 Jun 2023, Last modified 30 Dec 2023 15:25

Humans are the most common race and are self-explanatory, (at least we hope so anyway!). There are no restrictions if you choose a human as your character’s race. Humans have no race language, they use only common. Due to this mono-lingual lifestyle all human characters receive a plus 30 bonus in common. This is because they will have used common more than any other race; and as a result will be more practised. Humans are adept in all classes.



Natural Abilities

  • Languages: Common, (At Wisdom Level + 40 bonus)
  • Race Size: Medium (M) Movement Rate 8
Skill Base
Bargaining 15%
Law 5%
Reading (Common) 10%
Writing (Common) 10%
Observation 10%
Listening 10%

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