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Modrey are reptilian humanoids that are 130 to 150 Cms in height. Modrey predominately live in desert areas but can be found in temperate forests, jungles and urban areas. As they are cold blooded they have a natural resistance to heat but are affected by severe cold. Modrey skin is a tough reptilian hide and as such provides a natural armour protection. Modrey have a special skill called taste. This skill allows the Modrey to hunt targets by detecting the odours they give of. This does not mean the Modrey can identify the target but just know there has been something there. If the Modrey has encountered the target visually before then they will be able to identify it again by its “taste” even if they can’t see it. The ability to taste ones surrounding area is subject to modifiers such as weather, time, distance, etc. and is up to the Guide.


Statistic Value
AGI Min 80
STR Max 70

Natural Abilities

  • Find Oasis 5% (+5% Each Level) (Passive Ability)
  • Taste 5% (+5% Each Level) (Passive Skill)
  • Desert Dweller (Passive Ability)
  • Receive ¾ Damage from Heat based attacks
  • Receive full damage from Cold based attacks
  • Natural AV of +2 (Full Body Protection)
  • Languages: Common, Modrey (At Wisdom Level)
  • Race Size: Medium (M) Movement Rate 8

Natural Skills

Skill Base
Survival (Desert) 15%
Swimming 10%
Tracking 5%
Observation 10%
Listening 10%

Find Oasis: This is the Modrey’s natural ability to find a water source in any desert. Taste: This is the Modrey’s skill in detecting and tracking others by taste. Desert Dweller: This is the Modrey’s natural ability to conserve food and water. Modrey use half the normal daily ration rate in all climates except Mountain and Artic (where consumption is normal).

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