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The caster links themselves to a caster granting them power and allowing them to cast more powerful spells benefits like the time taken to cast is halved for each magi in the link.

While the power of a spell effect increases by 5 per cent accumulatively meaning that 15 additional magi would double the effect of a spell,

The caster can accept up to 5 points of elemental power per magi that is linked allowing the caster to be able to cast spells that would no longer be available to them.

The magi being linked to also give up 1d10 points of health, if the caster fails the roll typically a critical failure would be the only way to cause this the multipler will increase the health reduction and may kill lower-level magi.

Area of Effect


Air -
Earth -
Fire -
Spirit 20
Water -


Cost 4 fp
Difficulty -10
Duration Instant

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