Created 07 Jul 2023, Published 07 Jul 2023, Last modified 01 Dec 2023 23:38

There are only three alignments in Swords & Scrolls. There are, however, infinite numbers of ways these alignments may be focused by players. The alignments are positive, neutral or negative.


Positive forces prefer to be constructive about life. Positive forces look for the good in things around them. They try to harness this good for themselves or for others they come into contact with.


Neutral forces prefer to be both constructive and destructive about life. Neutral forces look not at the good or bad in life but at the situation in general. Neutral forces when in a situation try and find the answer to it, which creates the best balance for them and those around them.


Negative forces prefer to be destructive in life. They look for the bad in things around them and try to harness it for their own ends. They see those around them as mere pawns in their overall plan.

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