Multiple Attacks

Created 06 Aug 2023, Published 06 Aug 2023, Last modified 01 Dec 2023 23:38

Second and third attacks are only available to Bards, Rangers, Thieves and Warriors. Depending upon a character’s Stamina (STA) and Agility (AGI) eventually, the PC will have an opportunity for a second and third attack. Initially, the chance of an additional attack(s) will be in a minus number. The higher the STA and AGI the faster the PC will gain these extra attacks. The player should generate these initially as follows:

  • Bards (STA+AGI) –250 (2nd Attack) –350 (3rd Attack)
  • Rangers (STA+AGI) –220 (2nd Attack) –320 (3rd Attack)
  • Thieves (STA+AGI) –250 (2nd Attack) –350 (3rd Attack)
  • Warriors (STA+AGI) –200 (2nd Attack) –300 (3rd Attack)

Each time the PC levels this minus is reduced by 10 points in both attacks, eventually a positive number is achieved. This number is the percentage chance of an extra attack. This does not mean they automatically hit, a successful attack roll must be carried out also. Once 100% has been achieved in either the player does not have to roll for the attack, the additional attack is automatic.

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