Automatic skill and opposed rolls

Created 06 Aug 2023, Published 06 Aug 2023, Last modified 01 Dec 2023 23:38

Automatic Skill Rolls

Some Race skills are passive only, such as Quiet Traveller, Sense Ore, etc. The PC or NPC have them but they don’t actually deliberately roll them. Passive rolls are carried out in secret by the Guide. If they are successful then the Guide informs the player of the situation. For example, Ariel the Elf is travelling normally through a forest. There are some wolves ahead and the Guide rolls Ariel’s Quiet Traveller. The roll succeeds and the wolves don’t hear Ariel. If Ariel didn’t have Quiet Traveller he would have to use Stealth at half his normal movement rate and it would be an opposed roll against the wolves’ listening skill.

Opposed Rolls

Some skills are used directly against others. For example, the skills of Observation or Listening may be used directly against another character’s Hide or Stealth skill or vice versa. In this instance, the active skill has the roll of initiative. The Player or Guide should roll the PC or NPC’s active skill. A failure is dealt with as normal. If the roll was successful the amount by which the roll was passed should be declared. The passive roll of their opponent should now be made. Again, if they fail it should be dealt with as normal. Again if the roll was successful the amount by which it was should be declared. Whichever character passed their roll by the greatest amount is the successful roll. If both characters rolled Critical Successes, then this would be decided by the highest roll on the Critical Multiplier Table. The lowest-scoring character in this instance would still receive a Learn Tick next to the skill.

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