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Rangers are the scouts of the game world. They specialise in tracking, hit-and-run and guerrilla tactics. Rangers start with 4 Training points and gain a new point every 3 levels. Rangers are normally exceptional archers, and adept at surviving of the land.

  • Starting Life Force: 2d10
  • Levelling Life Force: 1d10
  • Training Points: 4
  • Second Attack Chance: ((STA + AGI)-250)+10Pts/level
  • Third Attack Chance: ((STA + AGI)-350)+10Pts/level

Specials Abilities

Move Silently

This ability allows a Ranger to advance quietly at normal walking speed. This ability also allows a Ranger to re-roll a failed stealth roll. They cannot, however re-roll a critically failed stealth roll. At level 1 the Ranger has 5% in this ability and gains 3% each time they level. To determine if they receive a re-roll the player must roll less than or equal to the skill. If they succeed they may re-roll their stealth once for the failed roll.

Live Of The Land

This ability allows a Ranger to find a source of food or water in any climatic region, even if they aren’t a resident. This does not mean the source may be close by, it just means they know where it is. Rangers start of at 10% in this skill at level 1 and gain 2% each time they level.

Primary Skills

Skill Base
Appraising Opponent 5
Brawling 5
Dodge 5
Identify Traps 5
Lore Plant 5
Lore Races 5
Tracking 5
Trapping 5
Stealth 10
Survival (Choose Type) 5
Survival (Choose Type) 5
Weapon Missile 10

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