Teaching & Learning

Created 06 Aug 2023, Published 06 Aug 2023, Last modified 01 Dec 2023 23:38

Not everyone has the ability to teach others skills you can only teach a primary skill. To teach a person you must spend 8 hours with the student on whatever skill you are trying to teach. This time can be split up into one long, or several shorter lessons.

The total period must accumulate 8 hours, however. Once the 8 hours are complete the teacher must roll his or her Teaching skill to determine if the lesson went well. The teacher must then roll the skill they were teaching minus the students’ level in that skill. They must roll less than or equal to this target score. The student must then roll higher than their skill minus the amount by which the teacher made their roll.

For example, if a teacher has a skill at 80%, the student at 10%. The teacher would have to roll 80 – 10 = 70% to succeed. The teacher rolls 67% passing by 3%. The student now must roll their skill minus the teacher’s pass amount (10% - 3% = 7%). The student must roll 8% or higher to succeed in their learning roll.

If the roll is successful the students’ skill increases by 1d4. A teacher can only train a student up to and including half the level of their skill. For example, if a teacher had 80% in Observation he could only teach a student up to and including 40%.

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