Appraise object

Created 28 Dec 2023, Published 28 Dec 2023, Last modified 28 Dec 2023 17:16

This is the ability to value an object correctly, (usually in gold pieces).

The skill of appraising objects involves the ability to assess and determine the value, worth, and quality of various items. It requires a combination of knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail.

When appraising an object, the appraiser carefully examines and evaluates its condition, authenticity, rarity, and historical significance. They consider factors such as the item’s age, craftsmanship, materials used, provenance, and any unique or distinguishing features. Appraisers may also consult reference materials, conduct research, and seek expert opinions to gather as much information as possible.

Appraising objects can cover a wide range of items, including artwork, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, furniture, and more. Each category may have its own specialized knowledge and criteria for evaluation.

This skill can never be greater than a characters’ wisdom difficulties in appraising objects often come from a lack of knowledge.

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