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In the realm of fantasy, where legends come alive, behold the mighty and awe-inspiring broadsword. Crafted with skill and imbued with the essence of ancient powers, this legendary weapon stands as a symbol of strength and valour.

The broadsword possesses a blade of considerable length, designed to strike fear into the hearts of foes. Its sharp, double-edged blade gleams with an ethereal glow, hinting at the enchantments woven within. The craftsmanship is impeccable, with intricate runes etched along the fuller, enhancing both its beauty and mystique.

Forged from the finest, enchanted steel, the broadsword possesses a balance that allows for swift and precise strikes. Its weight, though substantial, is expertly distributed, granting the wielder both power and agility in battle. The hilt, adorned with ornate, sculpted details, fits comfortably in the hand, ensuring a firm grip during the heat of combat.

This formidable weapon is more than just a tool of war; it is a conduit for magical energies. The broadsword’s enchantments grant it the ability to channel elemental forces, enabling its wielder to unleash devastating attacks. Whether wreathed in flames, crackling with lightning, or infused with the chilling power of ice, the broadsword becomes an extension of the wielder’s will, amplifying their ferocity and prowess.

In the hands of a skilled warrior, the broadsword becomes an instrument of justice and heroism. It cleaves through armoured defences, sundering shields and shattering the resolve of even the most formidable adversaries. Its formidable presence on the battlefield commands respect and inspires allies to fight with renewed determination.

The broadsword is more than a weapon; it is a testament to the indomitable spirit of its wielder. As it cuts through the air, it sings a song of triumph, echoing the valour and bravery of those who dare to wield it. In the realm of fantasy, where legends are forged, the broadsword stands tall as a symbol of heroism and the eternal struggle between good and evil.


Actions Slash,Pierce
Armour Damage 3
Cost 100 gp
Damage 1d10
Initative Modifier -5
Penetration 2
Range HTH
Weapon Type Blade

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