Chain Mail Armour

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Chain mail armour is a classic and iconic piece of protective gear that has been used throughout history by warriors and knights. This type of armour consists of interlocking metal rings, forming a mesh-like pattern that provides excellent defence while allowing for flexibility and mobility.

The chain mail armour is meticulously crafted by skilled blacksmiths who painstakingly interlink thousands of metal rings to create a strong and durable protective layer. Each ring is individually riveted or welded shut, ensuring that the armour remains intact even under the most strenuous conditions.

The primary purpose of chain mail armour is to protect the wearer from slashing and piercing attacks. The interlocking rings distribute the force of the blow across a larger surface area, reducing the impact and preventing the weapon from penetrating the armour. It offers reliable protection against swords, axes, arrows, and other similar weapons commonly used in combat.

The flexibility of chain mail armour allows for ease of movement, enabling the wearer to engage in agile and dynamic combat manoeuvres. Unlike heavier plate armour, chain mail provides a balance between protection and mobility, allowing warriors to navigate the battlefield with relative ease. This makes it a popular choice for warriors who prioritize speed and agility.

While chain mail armour provides excellent defence against slashing attacks, it is less effective against blunt force trauma. Strong blows from maces, hammers, or other blunt weapons can still cause injuries, as the force is not dispersed as effectively. However, some variations of chain mail armour can incorporate padding or additional layers of protection to mitigate this weakness.

Chain mail armour is versatile and can be worn over a padded gambeson or underneath other types of armour, such as plate armour, to enhance overall protection. It is often complemented with a coif or a hood to provide additional coverage for the head and neck.

In addition to its practical benefits, chain mail armour exudes a sense of strength and tradition. It is a symbol of martial prowess and serves as a visual representation of a warrior’s status and experience. The clinking sound of the metal rings as the wearer moves adds to the intimidation factor, instilling fear in the hearts of opponents.

Whether you are a medieval knight, a Viking raider, or a fantasy hero, the chain mail armour is a reliable and iconic choice for your protective needs. Its timeless design and proven effectiveness make it a staple in the arsenal of warriors throughout history. Don the chain mail armour, and face your adversaries with confidence and resilience.


Armour Type Body
Armour Value 6
Cost 400 gp
Drop Points 9
Initative Modifier -2
Integrity Points 54

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