Dragon Scale Armour

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Dragon scale armour is a legendary and formidable piece of protective gear that has been revered throughout history by warriors and knights. This type of armour consists of interlocking scales made from the scales of dragons, creating a distinctive and imposing appearance.

The dragon scale armour is meticulously crafted by skilled craftsmen who carefully attach and secure each individual scale to create a strong and durable protective layer. The scales are usually obtained from slain dragons, making this armour a rare and highly sought-after treasure.

The primary purpose of dragon-scale armour is to provide exceptional defence against a wide range of attacks. The scales, known for their exceptional hardness and resilience, offer superior protection against slashing and piercing weapons. They are specifically designed to withstand the powerful blows of swords, axes, arrows, and other similar weapons commonly used in combat.

The unique construction of dragon-scale armour allows for both flexibility and mobility, enabling the wearer to move with agility and grace. Unlike heavier plate armour, dragon-scale armour provides a balance between protection and manoeuvrability, allowing warriors to navigate the battlefield with relative ease. This makes it a popular choice for those who value both defence and mobility in combat.

While dragon-scale armour excels in providing protection against slashing and piercing attacks, it may have some limitations against blunt force trauma. Strong blows from maces, hammers, or other blunt weapons can still cause injuries, as the force is not fully absorbed by the scales. However, the inherent strength of the dragon scales provides a higher level of resistance compared to many other types of armour.

Dragon-scale armour is often adorned with intricate designs and embellishments, showcasing the craftsmanship and artistry of its creation. The scales, with their unique colours and textures, create a visually stunning and intimidating appearance that strikes fear into the hearts of opponents.

In addition to its practical benefits, dragon-scale armour represents a connection to the mythical and awe-inspiring creatures it is derived from. Wearing this armour symbolises a warrior’s bravery, strength, and triumph over mighty beasts. It holds a sense of prestige and honour, making it a coveted choice among warriors and adventurers.

Dragon scale armour can be further enhanced by incorporating additional layers of padding or chainmail underneath to provide extra comfort and protection. It is often complemented with a helmet and other accessories to create a complete and cohesive warrior ensemble.

Embrace the power and majesty of dragons with dragon-scale armour. This legendary and iconic armour will not only safeguard you in battle but also make a bold statement about your courage and indomitable spirit. With dragon-scale armour, you become a force to be reckoned with, ready to face any challenge and emerge victorious.


Armour Type Body
Armour Value 20
Cost 1000000 gp
Drop Points 100
Initative Modifier -2
Integrity Points 2000
Modifier None
Weapon Type Blade

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