Leather Coif

Created 06 Dec 2023, Published 06 Dec 2023, Last modified 07 Dec 2023 00:22


A leather coif is a type of headgear that is made primarily from leather. It is designed to provide protection and coverage for the head and neck. The coif typically fits snugly around the head, covering the top, sides, and back, and extends down to cover the neck and sometimes the shoulders.

Leather coifs are commonly used as a form of head protection in combat. They were worn under helmets and chainmail to provide an additional layer of defence against blows and projectiles. The leather material offered some resistance to cutting and impact, reducing the risk of injury to the wearer.

The design of a leather coif often includes a face opening, allowing the wearer to see and breathe comfortably. Some coifs may also have additional features such as laces or straps to secure the coif under the chin or around the neck.

Overall, a leather coif combines practicality and style, offering both protection and a unique aesthetic appeal.


Armour Type Head
Armour Value 2
Cost 20 gp
Drop Points 6
Initative Modifier -
Integrity Points 12

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