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The goblins, a race of mythical creatures, are known for their peculiar and distinct appearance. Standing at an average height of about 5 feet, goblins possess a lean and wiry frame, making them agile and quick on their feet. Their skin tone varies, ranging from sickly pale to a deep, earthy hue, often with a tinge of green.

Their faces are characterized by sharp features, including pointed ears, narrow eyes, and a prominent, hooked nose. Their eyes, usually yellow or red in colour, glimmer with cunning and mischief. Goblins have a misshapen and toothy grin, revealing jagged, uneven teeth.

In terms of attire, goblins favor ragged and mismatched clothing, adorned with trinkets and baubles they collect throughout their adventures. Their clothing is often practical, designed to allow freedom of movement, as they are agile and nimble creatures.

Living in tightly-knit communities, goblins thrive in underground dwellings or hidden forest enclaves. They possess a strong sense of loyalty to their clan and will fiercely defend their territory from any intruders. Goblins are known for their shrewdness and cunning, using their wits to outwit their adversaries rather than relying on brute strength.

While goblins may be mischievous and sometimes misunderstood, they are a fascinating race with a rich folklore and cultural heritage. Their unique appearance, craftiness, and resilience make them a captivating part of myth and legend.


Statistic Value
AGI Min 60
STR Min 60

Natural Abilities

  • Forest Lore 5% (+5% Each Level) - Goblins have a great affinity with the Forest.
  • Quiet Traveller 5% (+5% Each Level) (Passive Skill) - This allows Goblins to travel stealthily overland at normal speed rather than moving slowly.
  • Sense Ambush 5% (+5% Each Level) (Passive Ability) - This is the Goblins’ sixth sense when in danger.
  • 5 yards Infravision (Total Darkness)
  • Languages: Common (50% wisdom), Goblish (At Wisdom Level)
  • Race Size: Medium (M)
  • Movement Rate: 9

Natural Skills

Skill Base
Tracking 10%
Missile Weapon 10%
Observation 10%
Listening 10%

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