Goblin Warrior

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Goblin Warriors are tough fighters, which roam around in groups of between 6 and 12. They gain a +20 to cool rolls if they have a leader, but will have a -10 to their rolls when the leader is killed. They live mostly in forests or mountains. They can be found in groups all over the world on both continents. They have no country, which they call their own. However, their tribes are to be found more in the north of both continents.

Groups will have a 50% chance of having a Goblin Leader, which will be 2 levels higher than the goblins and will have a 20% chance of having either a Goblin Magi or a Goblin Priest


Name Hit % Pen Dam
Short Sword 50% 2 1d4+2
Small Spear 50% 4 1d4


Name Location AV IP DP
Banded Shield Worn 4 48 12
Helmet Head 2 12 6
Leather Jacket Torso, Arms 2 12 6


Agility 50
Appearance 30
Cool 50
Experience 10
Initiative 15
Intelligence 50
Magic Resistance 45
Stamina 60
Strength 60
Wisdom 50


Casting Ability -
Creature Grouping People
Creature SubGroup Race Goblin
Fatigue Points 10
Fear Factor 5
Life Force 15
Movement 11
Poison Level -

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