Wooden Banded Medium Shield

Created 10 Dec 2023, Published 10 Dec 2023, Last modified 28 Dec 2023 15:41


A medium wooden banded shield is a versatile and sturdy defensive tool crafted from durable wood. It provides reliable protection while offering a balance between maneuverability and defense. This shield is designed to be wielded by warriors who seek both protection and mobility in combat.

Constructed from robust wood, such as oak or ash, the medium wooden banded shield is skillfully shaped and polished to create a smooth and resilient surface. It typically has a circular or oval shape, with a diameter ranging from two to three feet, making it larger than a small shield but still manageable in size. This allows for a good combination of protection and agility on the battlefield.

One of the defining characteristics of the medium wooden banded shield is the presence of metal bands securely fastened to its outer rim. These bands serve multiple purposes, adding strength to the shield’s structure and providing additional defense against enemy blows. The metal bands act as reinforcement, enhancing the shield’s durability and ensuring it can withstand the force of powerful strikes.

The wooden surface of the shield can be left plain or adorned with intricate carvings or painted designs. These decorative elements not only add aesthetic appeal but also reflect the craftsmanship and individuality of the shield’s owner. They can also serve to intimidate foes or symbolize allegiance to a particular group or clan.

A sturdy and comfortable handle is firmly attached to the backside of the medium wooden banded shield. The handle is designed to allow for a secure grip, enabling the wielder to maneuver the shield effectively. It may be reinforced with leather or metal straps to enhance durability and provide added stability during combat.

In battle, the medium wooden banded shield offers reliable protection against a variety of attacks. Its larger size compared to smaller shields provides a broader coverage area, effectively blocking incoming strikes and projectiles. The metal bands around the shield’s rim add strength and rigidity, minimizing the impact of enemy blows and deflecting them away from the wielder.

Overall, the medium wooden banded shield is a practical and resilient defensive weapon. Its size strikes a balance between protection and mobility, making it suitable for warriors who require a versatile shield in combat. With its sturdy wooden construction and reinforced metal bands, this shield offers reliable defense while allowing for effective movement and strategic responses to enemy attacks.


Armour Type Shield
Armour Value 5
Cost 100 gp
Drop Points 9
Initative Modifier -2
Integrity Points 45

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