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Lying on the Eastern coast of Three Moon Lake this is a small city that had outgrown the city walls as it was surrounded by buildings. A small stone keep stood on a granite hill that overlooked the harbour.

The city is south of Bearon and is 3 days by fast horse and 3 weeks by the fastest wagon or 2 days downstream from Bearon by the swift river. Traversing up the river is a gruelling journey by ship as it is a very fast river but can be done by sail and by teams of horses that drag the boats up the river.

The city was built on a small peninsula that jutted into the Three Moon Lake the granite walls have fallen into disrepair in the years since they were needed to protect the city residents from roaming groups of Goblins or worse.

Locations in Carse

Name Type Part Of Country City
Hand Madiens Rest Tavern - Caplo Carse

People of Carse

Name Country Rank Race Class
Captain James Caplo Captain Human Other


Category City
Country Caplo

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