Caplo - Country

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Caplo is the southernmost country on the continent, it has several coastal cities and several others at major locations, rivers, and roads. The country has the largest lake on the planet ‘Three Moon Lake’ it is fed by small rivers that flow from the mountains to the east, and one river from the north of the country. The water in the lake flows southwards through the city of Princetown past some villages and eventually to the sea by the capital city itself called Caplo.

The large elven forest of Aslarmore is located near the city of Caplo as such the two nations have spent years working together. Often an Elven Spellcaster will be a valued counsellor to the King and Queen of Caplo

Points of interest in Caplo

Name Type Part Of Country City
Aslarmore City Elven Forest Caplo -
Bay of Elves sea Areian Sea Caplo -
Bearon City - Caplo -
Caplo - Captial City City - Caplo -
Caplo City Docks Docks - Caplo Caplo
Caplo Isles Island Bay of Elves Caplo -
Carse City - Caplo -
Del-Targ-von City - Caplo -
Docks of Aslarmore Docks - Caplo Aslarmore
Dunrik City - Caplo -
Eliona City - Caplo -
Hand Madiens Rest Tavern - Caplo Carse
Island - Sedar Island Bay of Elves Caplo -
Kurik City - Caplo -
Monastery of Hasder - City of Caplo Monastery - Caplo Caplo
Princetown City - Caplo -
Spine of the World Mountains - Caplo -
Stone Hill Tribe Village Spine Of The World Caplo -
The Great Northern Gate City - Caplo -
Three Moon lake Lake - Caplo -
Warsung Palace Palace Caplo Caplo Caplo


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