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The City of the Dark Elves is deep underground in the heart of the domain of the Dark Elves.

They exited the tunnel into a vast cavern torch on either side of the entrance gave off some light that showed a barren area from the exit of the tunnel to the wall of the city. The roof of the cavern stretched high into the darkness such was the height that even elven infravision could not make out the details on the roof of the cavern. The path led to gate two hundred meters from the cavern wall. Dark elves patrolled the top of the twelve-meter-high wall.

Locations in Del-Trag-von

Name Type Part Of Country City

People of Del-Trag-von

Name Country Rank Race Class
Commander Tu-Grange-Li Caplo Commander Elf Warrior
Dal-Rugia Caplo Lord Elf Warrior
Del-Ronan-Atel Caplo Squad Commander Elf Warrior
El-dreg-anie Caplo Guardsman Elf Ranger
Grel-Grus-Antel Caplo Squad Commander Elf Warrior
Ker-Halion-Darmare Caplo Squad Commander Elf Warrior


Category City
Country Caplo

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