Dralius - Country

Created 01 Nov 2023, Published 01 Nov 2023, Last modified 31 Dec 2023 16:44

A country that surrounds what was the impact zone of a massive asteroid millions of years ago. The asteroid held a compound that allowed the species of this planet to perform magic and for them to be able to speak to the gods themselves over the aeons the compound seeped into the waters and soil of the planet creating magical springs and zones. The country of Dralius and the directly surrounding countries are more magical than the rest of the world due to the proximity of the crater.

Spellcasters receive a bonus for casting magic making it much easier for them, as such the countries around the impact site have schools of learning for Magi. It has been speculated that the source of magic for the planet comes from the original asteroid.

The impact of the asteroid created the Bay of Dralius

Locations in Dralius

Name Type Part Of Country City
Bay of Dralius Sea Areian Sea dralius -
Magisterium - City of Drakus School - dralius Drakus

Points of interest

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